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It can be done: anomypearls without pearls

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Anomy, the no rules pearl.

And today, a no rules pearl is an absent pearl.  Our new collection is diamond-heavy, in the new signature pieces feature other equally impressive gemstones.  We decided to follow no rules, even to break the rules of our own identity.  And a new world opened beyond...

The no rules pearl is an absent pearl.


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Disturbing news for many, De Beers is now entering the lab grown diamond market. 

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As we are going through the fashion week period, WGSN, a major trend forecaster, issued a fashion month survival guide, identifying the most important fashion trends for SS19.


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The singles’ day, November 11, is one of the biggest worldwide shopping days of the year.  It is the day that singles celebrate, being proud to be single.

Citrine: The ‘success stone’ of November

Citrine is the birthstone of November.  Citrine is a variety of quartz, a transparent gem of yellow to orange colour, mainly sourced from Bolivia, Brazil and Spain.

Ahead of fashion: Spring colours 2017

As winter is approaching fast, Pantone releases the top ten fashion colours of Spring 2017 to be seen in clothes and accessories:

Anomy straight to your heart

Anomy  is sponsoring  the second European Interventional Cardiology conference.

Come and see some Anomy jewels at Alexander room, Astir Palace Resort, Athens.


Designer Jewelry short event for 3 days only.

VERNISSAGE: Thursday Nov. 6 from 6 to 10 pm.

In the presence of the 5 designers.

anomy LUXURY

Check out anomy leaflet.
Rare jewellery with unique stories from around the world.

Rarities: a luxury project

anomy invites you in "Rarities: a luxury project". An evening of rare jewellery, mingling and champagne.

Dare to join the rare? Be there.

Date: Friday 4 April 2014

International Jewellery London-IJL 2013

International Jewellery London-IJL 2013

Visit Anomy at the Design Gallery, Stand C32

We will be welcoming you with pearls, gold and corals!

Anomy private event in Paris

anomy invites you in a private event in Paris.

December 2012



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